Grandfather CLock

Curio Grandfather clock Art.547/1 walnut



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3 Melody:

3 melodie: Westminster; Whittington; St.Michele.

To hear sound push:
Westminster Melody
Whittington Melody
St.Michele Melody


Broke sound of quart and hour

Automatic Night Shut-off:
The night shut-off will automatically stop the chime and strike during the night (quarter chime and hour strike).
Loking door(s):

Door(s) with lock for closure.


Clock Description



Grandfather clock in walnut.
Clock of designer, tank at its style, is perfect put it in every kind of environments.
One of characteristics of the clock is inlaid of three different woods: walnut, ash-tree and cherry, retaken on door and on shoulders and other inlaid on base.
The crystals are bended.
Dial with moon faces and Arabian numbers and seconds hand Weights and Lyra pendulum are in gilt brass.
The mechanism with brass pipes like bell and small kockers put in logitude sense for allow the reproduction of melodies.
German movement 3 melodies with seconds hand, 4/4 winding up 8 days, automatic night-off, possibility stop only hour chime or only the melodies or both.
Melodies: Westminster, St. Michael, Whittington

Size cm. 211 x 76 x 42
Size inch.83 x inch.29.9 x Deep:16.5 inch.


mechanical movement Kieninger KSU