• Simboli caratteristiche orologio
  • Simboli caratteristiche orologio
  • Simboli caratteristiche orologio
  • Simboli caratteristiche orologio
3 Melody:

3 melodie: Westminster; Whittington; St.Michele.

To hear sound push:
Westminster Melody
Whittington Melody
St.Michele Melody


Broke sound of quart and hour

Automatic Night Shut-off:
The night shut-off will automatically stop the chime and strike during the night (quarter chime and hour strike).
Loking door(s):

Door(s) with lock for closure.


Clock Description




The work is the representation of time in all its aspects:
- How the succession of day and night (sun and moon) through the clock and the two figures in Greek mythology that compose it, the two brothers “Helios” the sun
god and “Selene” the goddess of the moon. * 1
- How to life, through the stages of growth and nature.
The clock complete the theme below, with a weather station, which indicates the atmospheric pressure (barometer), humidity (hygrometer) and the temperature
The watch is made entirely from carefully selected materials such as lime wood for all real mother of pearl carvings and a thickness of 2 mm, completely hand painted
with oil paint to achieve transparency and results of the highest level.
The statues angels included, are wooden hand carved, polished and natural polychrome;
The base: made of wood, covered with two different types of pearl, White and black / silver, with a thickness of 2 mm with external bodywork forlia in gold and silver.
The structure of central consists of four columns lacquered and hand-decorated with marble effect and structure round hand carved in the round with floral elements.
The mechanical clock sided 3-ringer melodies with tubes of high watchmaking. Melodies: Westminster, St. Michael, Whittington.
* 1 - Helios: in ancient Greece, the god of the sun.
He was the son of the Titans Hyperion and Theia, at the same time was the brother of Eos (Dawn) and Selene (the Moon), it says Hesiod.
The god is usually represented in the chariot of the sun, a chariot pulled by horses blowing fire from his nostrils. The wagon stood every morning from the ocean and
pulled the sun across the sky from east to west, where they were the two buildings of the god.
This activity allowed him to penetrate with his eyes everywhere with their eyes and attend every event in the world. Because of this his foresight, Elio was called as a
witness in any oath.
Selene: Goddess of the Moon.
Daughter of Hyperion and Theia, sister of Helios (the Sun) and Eos (Dawn). Selene is the personification of the full moon, along with Artemis (the New Moon), which
is sometimes assimilated, and Hecate (the new moon).
The goddess is usually depicted as a beautiful woman with pale face, wearing long robes flowing white or silver and bearing a crescent moon on his head and carrying
a torch. Many depictions show her in a chariot drawn by oxen or on a chariot pulled by horses, chasing the sun.

Size: H. 255 x L. 170 x P.100cm
Size inch.H.100.39 x Whide. 66.93inch. x Deep:39.37 inch.

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mechanical movement Consonni HTU Double Faces mechanism