Grandfather CLock

Grandfather clock Art.570/2 lacquered and hand-decorated, with gold leaf



  • Simboli caratteristiche orologio
  • Simboli caratteristiche orologio
  • Simboli caratteristiche orologio
Westminster Melody:

The most famus chime are the Westminster. Today if comes from Victoria clock tower of the Houses of Parliment in London.

To hear sound push:
Westminster Melody


Broke sound of quart and hour

Automatic Night Shut-off:
The night shut-off will automatically stop the chime and strike during the night (quarter chime and hour strike).


Clock Description



Grandfather clock in Luis XVI style, hand-carving wood, lakered and decorated.
The carving is carry out totally by hand, according to ancient tradition, it’s well-finished with great accuracy.
Dial in brass fusion with numbers serigraphy on puffed plate.
Weights are in gilt brass, rod pendulum in wood and disc in brass.
The German mechanism 4/4 has winding up 8 days, melody Westminster like famous Victoria Clock tower of the Houses of Parliament in London

Size cm. 208 x 52 x 29
Size inch.81.9 x inch.20.5 x Deep:11.4 inch.


mechanical movement 451-053